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Official Application:  Satanic Temple Albany 

Thank you for your interest in The Satanic Temple Albany (TST Albany). It is OK if you are new to Satanism, but we do expect you to be familiar with our ethos, to abide by the Seven Tenets, and to be committed to continuous and self-directed learning. We also expect a level of appropriate conduct. For more information, visit our Membership FAQs.

As a member we do expect some level of involvement with our congregation and events. Please only apply if you are a resident of New York State or live in western Massachusetts or southern Vermont. If there is a more appropriate congregation closer to you, you will be directed there. If you live south of Poughkeepsie NY, you should consider joining TST NYC. If you live west of Syracuse NY, you should consider joining TST Western NY

Please note before you begin

This group has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, bigotry, misogyny, transphobia, and the like. We strive to be an inclusive group for all types and races of people and the safety of our membership is paramount. We ask for courtesy and professionalism from our members and those wishing to join. If you cannot abide by this structure, this is not the group for you. 

Filling Out An Application Does Not Make You A Member

All applications are subject to review. If you have not heard back from a representative within four weeks of submitting your application, please consider your application denied.

Please Allow Up To Four Weeks For A Response

All fields with an asterisk * are required

TST Albany does not accept minors *

Do you identify as a nontheistic Satanist
Are you a member of The Satanic Temple?

If not, you will have to become a member before your application can be approved

Please carefully read the following questions and confirm your understanding of the following statements. Applicants who do not align with these core TST values will not be considered for membership.

TST is a religious organization for nontheistic Satanists. We do not believe in the existence of deities, magic, spells, heaven, hell, souls, or an actual being called Satan.

Testing Application 

TST is a religious organization, not a social justice organization or a catch-all activist group. Any community work or activism in which we might engage must be directly related to our Tenets, TST’s mission, and our religious identity. Many worthwhile causes exist that other organizations are better equipped to handle. If your primary reason for joining is for activism, you should consider getting involved in one of TST’s campaigns.

All members must respect the safety and confidentiality of TST Albany, its members, and its leadership.

Tell us more about yourself

How active do you see yourself being in our congregation? Check all that apply

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Thanks for applying!

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