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The Satanic Temple Albany, NY : Official Application

Thank you for your interest in The Satanic Temple Albany (TST Albany). It is OK if you are new to Satanism, but we do expect you to be familiar with our ethos, to abide by the Seven Tenets, and to be committed to continuous and self-directed learning. We also expect a level of appropriate conduct. For more information, visit our Membership FAQs.

As a member we do expect some level of involvement with our congregation and events. We offer a variety of in person events and gatherings, as well as virtual events and gatherings, so that we can cater to the need for satanic community, for our members close to home and further away. We accept members from across the globe. Welcome home.

Please note before you begin

This group has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, bigotry, misogyny, transphobia, and the like. We strive to be an inclusive group for all types and races of people and the safety of our membership is paramount. We ask for courtesy and professionalism from our members and those wishing to join. If you cannot abide by this structure, this is not the group for you. 

Filling Out An Application Does Not Make You A Member

All applications are subject to review. If you have not heard back from a representative within four weeks of submitting your application, please consider your application denied.

Click the Logo below to fill out the Application Form

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