About Us

Founded on February 18, 2018, The Satanic Temple Albany congregation (TST Albany) is an affiliate congregation of The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic Satanic religious organization and IRS-recognized church. TST Albany congregation strives to be a space of conscious inclusivity in an increasingly exclusive society. Our goals are to support, encourage, and promote participation in the national campaigns of The Satanic Temple; to promote Satanic education within our congregation; to be a force for positive change within our community; and to provide a safe and welcoming community for marginalized members of society.


The Satanic Temple Albany congregation is able to officiate legally-binding Satanic or secular marriage ceremonies in New York State. Marriages will be officiated by Minister Dex Desjardins. For further information, please email dex@thesatanictemple.com and include "Marriage" in the subject line.

About Minister Dex

An image of Minister Dex

Minister Dex Desjardins is ordained through TST's Satanic Ministry as a Minister of Satan. He has officiated marriages in upstate New York and in New Jersey.

An Albany native, Minister Dex joined The Satanic Temple in 2015. In 2018, he co-founded of TST Albany Chapter (now, congregation). He served as long-time Chapter Head, followed by a brief period serving as the Chapter's Media Liaison. He was then promoted to The Satanic Temple's governing body, the International Council.

Minister Dex was a researcher, lesson writer, and presenter for TST's ordination program. In fall 2020, he was recruited into the newly-formed Ordination Council to help with the program's further development and administration. He was officially ordained by TST's Satanic Ministry as a Minister of Satan on March 25, 2021.

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