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About Us

Founded on February 18, 2018, The Satanic Temple Albany congregation (TST Albany) is an affiliate congregation of The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic Satanic religious organization and IRS-recognized church. TST Albany congregation strives to be a space of conscious inclusivity in an increasingly exclusive society. Our goals are to support, encourage, and promote participation in the national campaigns of The Satanic Temple; to promote Satanic education within our congregation; to be a force for positive change within our community; and to provide a safe and welcoming community for marginalized members of society.



Congregation Heads (2022-Present)
  • Minister Phoenix Blackwood (2022-Present)

Regents (2020-2022)
Chapter Heads (2018-2020)

Community Group Organizers (2016-2018)



The Satanic Temple Albany congregation is able to officiate legally-binding Satanic or secular marriage ceremonies in New York State. We are unable to perform marriages for any other religious tradition, including pagan and Wiccan traditions. Requests for Minister services such as Weddings should be emailed to and include "Marriage" in the subject line.


Ministers  are also able to lead Satanic or secular funeral services. Please email and include "Funeral" in the subject line.

For further info visit  TST Albany Congregation FAQs

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